about me

My name is Clint MacNichol and in early 2013, my family and I decided to make a dramatic change in the path our lives were taking.  After some planning and serious thought, we packed up some belongings, sold most of our ‘stuff’ and decided to begin our new Adventure.

That Adventure began in Tuktoyaktuk. Tuk, for short, is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  Since then, we find ourselves in Zhaoyuan China.mmexport1418624183901

We are a family of 4 (Wife, Myself and two young daughters).  Our lives have changed drastically since making the decision to pull up stakes.  Our family is proof that you can travel, see the world [properly], earn a living, save and still be very happy.

“A glass of scotch” will be my sounding board and voice to the world as we embark on experiencing new sights and sounds.  In addition, I will, from time to time, make comments relating to why we decided to make this personally historical choice and how it related financially to our longer term plans and how the current global economic situation is unfolding.

This blog will focus on commentary on how it relates to Business and Economics.  My sister site “The Young Travelling MacNichols” will provide more general information on our experiences.


Any photos posted directly or indirectly relating to A glass of scotch are the property of this blog (a glass of scotch) and require written consent before they can be republished for commercial use.

However, as my photography skills improve I hope to perhaps be able to sell my work.  Should you be interested in one of my photos, please contact me.  Photos will be available for purchase in multiple formats.

In addition, if you are seeking a specific photo relating to where we are located, please let me know.

Have a Question:

If ever you have a question or a suggestion relating to a blog post or other thoughts having to do with where we are or what I am involved in or simply need more information, feel free to contact me.


a glass of scotch


3 responses to “about me

    • Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. To tell you the truth, I have not updated my About page in sometime. Thanks to your comments, I got off my butt and updated it a little. How long have you been in Cuenca? We are strongly considering a move to Ecuador for our new home. Our story is a little different as my wife and I are not close to retirement and we still have 2 young daughters in tow.

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