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The Company

Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy is the result of a Canadian/Chinese Joint Venture.  The Canadian Partner is based in the City of Yellowknife, while the Chinese partner is a division of Zhaojin Group, a large conglomerate in the city of Zhaoyuan.

The Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy began offering English Training in February of 2014 and has grown steadily since.  ZJYK is the only English Training School in the area providing English Learning by Western Native English Speakers.  Along with our training methods, focusing on Oral communication first, ZJYK, provides superior service and results.


Duties will be split between Zhaoyuan and Yantai (Shandong Province, China)


English Teacher

Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy is currently seeking to fill 3-4 positions for those  interested in experiencing small town and Big City China living while in the position of English Teacher.

-12 month Term

-25-30 hours per week.

-Duties include Teaching and Lesson Planning and being a great foreigner.

IN Zhaoyuan, New Teachers will receive their orientation, training as to our methods and begin performing as a Teacher.  The term spent in Zhaoyuan will consist of 4-6 months followed by relocation to Yantai for the remainder of the 12 month contract.


The dress code at our Academy is casual but we do ask for dress close to business casual.

Types of Classes at our Zhaoyuan Location:

Nightly Classes: 10-13 years of age

Adult Classes: anyone over 18 years of age

Morning -Kindergarten: 2 ½ – 7 years of age

Afternoon -Junior: 7-10 years of age.

Corporate Training: Adult aged students

IELTS Preparation Classes – Various ages.

*Holiday & Summer Intensives: 10-15 years of age

*Intensives are held during holiday  and summer periods.  We provide english classes and activities during the day in a camp style format..


IN Yantai, Teachers will be part of a group contracted to provide Oral English Lessons in a private school containing Grades 1-5.


-Teaching 3-4 classes per day

– 5 days a week, with Saturday and Sunday off.

-Schedules will also follow the Chinese Calendar of Events and Holidays.

-Classes are held during typical school hours.

-A typical Class will consist of 40 children.

-Our focus will be to provide Oral English Training to compliment the English Curriculum in place.


The dress code while teaching in Yantai will be Business Casual.  The environment is that of a Private School for wealthier families, dress accordingly.  For example, items such as shorts or hiking sandals will not be permitted.

The Successful Candidate

Our ideal candidate, must be adaptable and accepting of other cultures.   ZJYK seeks someone who is tired of the typical teaching methods associated with ESL-type curriculums.  While we will provide subject matter for classes, since our lessons are based on Oral English first, we welcome any topic a newcomer can frame into a class.  Please keep in mind, successful candidates will be more than English Teachers, we aim to expose our students to other ways of thinking and perspectives.  For example, our Academy has organized Christmas Sleepovers for our Students.

Should any candidates bring a background of any type adding value to our School or business, we welcome hearing from you.

Start Date

As soon as possible.


Teachers’ contracts will consist of a progressive pay scale.  Upon the completion of 3 month blocks, the monthly salary is increased, throughout the length of the contract, twelve (12) months.

–Specifics will be discussed during scheduled Skype Calls and during interviews.

All Teachers will begin at a Minimum rate of pay, their increase will be based on an interview and review at the end of each 3 month period.

Pay Structure

Time Period时间 Minimum最低工资 Medium中等 Maximum最高工资
1-3 Months1-3个月 5000 6000 7000
4-6 Months4-6个月 7000 8500 9000
7-12 Months7-12个月 8000 9000 10000
12 Months +12个月以上 9000 10500 12000

—All salaries are denominated in Chinese Yuan, aka, Renminbi


While staying in Zhaoyuan or Yantai, teachers will be provided a large western style furnished apartment in a shared accommodations environment.  Teachers employed by the Academy are provided a private bedroom with a shared Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry facilities.  Accommodations include heat, lights and internet

Travel and Visa Processing

As part of employment contract, Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy will assume the cost of Visa fees associated with working in China.  Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy will also assume the cost of travel to and from your home country to Zhaoyuan & Yantai.

Our travel policy consist of paying 50% of the costs associated in travelling to and from China.  Upon arrival, the academy will reimburse the remaining 50% cost of travel, within the first week in China.  Successful Candidate will be in possession of a return ticket home before even arriving.

–Further details will be explained during an organized Skype Call and/or Interview.


Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy can provide newcomers a tremendous support system while in China.  Our Academy currently employs a family of 4 (Husband, Wife and 2 Children) and has a large network of Chinese staff, associates and friends ready to provide amazing support during your stay.  Teachers will even has access to online support using WeChat (wei xin) as you make your way around each community.

The Communities


The location of our Head Office and Academy, Zhaoyuan, pronounced “jer – ow you – en”, has a population of approximately 500,000.  While to some this may sound like a large city, in China, it is considered a ‘village’.  Zhaoyuan has a very small town vibe.  You will find those living in the ‘village’ to be very welcoming and friendly.  Zhaoyuan is an extremely safe place to live. Zhaoyuan is an ideal place for those wishing to truly experience China, since Teachers joining our Academy can count on being the only foreigners in the community.  Those looking to learn Mandarin will find a better environment to do so, since English is virtually non existent.


A city of 2-2.5 million, Yantai, pronounced, “yan -tie”, definitely provides a big city feel.  Foreigners travelling and living here will find more creature comforts of home.  Foreign Teachers will find an expat community, attractive water front, lots of markets to shop, close access to an international Airport, even a thriving nightlife. While Zhaoyuan is most likely not the place for a Foreigner looking to make China a long term home, Yantai is definitely a better place to do so.

Living in China

Quite simply, If you are not open to trying new foods, can’t live without a Big Mac, and are a “clean freak”, perhaps China is not for you.  China can be a tremendous experience so long as you do not fall in the trap of continually playing the game of China versus the West.  So many things exist to test your Western Sensibilities, some become overwhelmed by this alone.

We must be honest, a life in China may not be for everyone.  During scheduled Skype Calls and Interviews, our staff will do their best to scare you off.  Our reasoning, to ensure all are provided a very blunt and honest depiction of life here.  Life in Zhaoyuan, as opposed to living in Beijing or Shanghai is far more Chinese.  For better or worse, successful candidates will certainly get a taste of real China.  The Chinese people live considerably different lives to the west and are still in a process of advancement.

There is one characteristic you can be sure of, those joining us in China will experience an outright welcoming people, who are excited to even be in your presence.

Contact Information

Submit resumes to frontdesk@zjykacademy.com

Join us on WeChat: zjykacademy


Foreign Manager

Clint MacNichol


WeChat: clintmac


Upon receiving interest, ZJYK will schedule a series of Skype Calls to allow an open forum to discuss the opportunity and life here.

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