How much is a Can of Coke


In the last little while Glass of Scotch (new name coming) and The Young Travelling MacNichols have been going through some upgrades.  Soon we will have our very own domain names (yeah!) and brand new looks.

If you are interested in joining us as contributor or in some other way, we would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, our publications are in need of your input.

Out of curiosity and perhaps some fun, the goal is to create a Can of Coke Index, listing the price of a Can of Coke (or its equivalent) from as many locations around the world as possible.  Whether your community has a population of 2 or 25,000,000, send us your data.  The Can of Coke Index will input the data and use Zhaoyuan China as our reference point.

There is no doubt far superior minds have created far better tools, the good folks at The Economist have their Big Mac Index and other versions of the Coke Index exist, here.  Our Can of Coke Index is not the beginning of a delusion to better understand the world.  How could we compete with those scholars found in Ivory Towers (cough -universities- cough) making calculations based on formulas which shine so perfectly in textbooks, but fail under real life abuse.  The Can of Coke Index will not be the start of new thinking, we will not try to rationalize poor fiscal judgement, that will be left to Keynesian.  We will not attempt to endorse jealousy, envy and “plunder”, much better left to the Socialist. Here we will simply put the information out there and let others draw their conclusions…..all in good fun

— Anyone participating, please try to provide the Retail Price and the Wholesale Price in your area, of a 355 ml Can of Coke.

Retail: The price you pay at the corner store

Wholesale: The price you pay when purchasing at least 24 cans.  Note: if you are a business owner, dealing in Coke Products, we would love to hear from you.

— The Can of Coke Index will not calculate averages for a region, we will display the raw data from each locale.

— All data will displayed in the local currency from which it came.

We hope you will join us in a little fun and aid us in collecting as much data as possible.  Please use the Form below to send us your information.

Remember we are looking for (Copy and paste this list):

Retail Price (355ml Can of Coke) :

Wholesale Price 355ml Can of Coke):



If you can provide a photo showing your “research”, even better.  We will be sure to give you full credit.

As further incentive, a draw will take place for all those who participate.  10 lucky winners will receive a bracelet created by a young lady found in one of the street markets in Zhaoyuan China.  Each winner will have their prize sent by mail.





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