Hotel Review: Nostalgia Hotel Beijing


Nostalgia Hotel Beijing


57 Jiaodaokou North 3rd Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, China, 100007



June 15 – June 21


Exterior Appearance

You will not mistake the outdoor appearance for the Taj Mahal.  The entire surrounding area will have you second guessing your choice.  But fear not, as is the case in considerable parts of China, the interior will make up for the exterior

Poor – Fair – Good – Great


Once you  venture away from the Hiltons and Waldorfs, outward appearance is not really at a premium.


The location makes up for the outward appearance….see Location


With the word Nostalgia in the name, do not expect a Modern decor.  Visitors will be greeted by an item or two, where young travellers will be bound to ask, “what is that?”.

Rotary telephones, typewriters and all manner of toys or games familiar only to those born before 1980.

Take a mental picture by combining you childhood toys, old Communist China Propoganga replica posters/books, and some comfy leather furniture.

Poor – Fair – Good – Great


The towels taped to the floor at the entrance, during rain is odd, but effective.


The old Chinese bicycle at the entrance is a nice touch.

Tip: The elevator will only close once you press the ‘close door’ button.  Many visitors would be caught waiting for the door close.


Stray away from the lobby and the hotel begins to lose the good impression created upon entering.  The halls still have carpet, the walls, white in color, need a paint job.

Poor – Fair – Good – Great


Carpets are just not a good idea.


You get to see more old-school games and pictures mounted on the walls.


The rooms bring back some of the cool vibe built up in the lobby.  All the pieces are made from dark stained wood.  Even the frame holding the bed is made of large pieces of wood.


Poor – Fair – Good – Great


Just a few hooks to hang clothing.  No real storage options in the room


Clean.  The dark floors make it easy to see if any dust was left on the floor.  Good Job to Housekeeping.


Poor – Fair – Good – Great


Entirely enclosed in Glass.  For those of you seeking privacy in the bathroom, forget it.  A draw down curtain does close off the glass wall between you and the bed. However, the mirror on the opposing wall allows for anyone sitting on the bed to peek.

Not enough counter space in the bathroom


Entirely enclosed in Glass.  If privacy is not a concern, then visitors will enjoy the modern feel the glassed in bathroom gives.  The glass also gives the impression of more space, since the rooms are not very large.

Living Space

Poor – Fair – Good – Great


You will not be walking beside anyone in this room.  Once guest clear the entrance and bathroom area, there is only enough space around the bed, for one person to pass at a time.  The desk is quite small.  I negative for the business traveller.


The room is cozy.  If you are visiting Beijing and not intending on doing work, the room is great.  The bed is comfortable, the sheets are fresh & clean and and the A/C is very effective.



Poor Fair – Good – Great


Connections are sketchy when trying to access WiFi in rooms.


WiFi is quite fast in the Lobby.  The staff will recommend the lobby for internet access.


Poor – Fair – GoodGreat


For those completely void of Chinese there will be some struggles


They come across as trying their best.

Special Note: Left our camera charger behind.  They shipped it back to us, without any prompting from us.  Just received a nice surprise on Wednesday Morning.


Poor – Fair – Good – Great


80RMB (15 CAD or 13 USD) for 4


Not much in the way of variety.  Same menu each day.  Toast, coffee, same Chinese Veggies, Boiled Eggs and some cereal.


Too much to discuss


Ramos down the road.  Great western style breakfast.  Be sure to give the Breakfast Soup a try and, shockingly, the Avocado, Honey and Yogurt smoothie.  5 can eat for roughly double the price of the hotel breakfast, but walk away satisfied.


Poor – Fair – Good – Great


Print off our map or make sure you have the Chinese version of the address.  Taxi drivers coming from the airport will get lost or at least doubt themselves when transporting clients to this hotel.  You will travel down an alley wide enough for only one car.  While moving down the alley, some patrons of the many bars and restaurants will actually get up and move their chair to allow the taxi access.  Arrive at night and the lack of street lights will cause you to doubt your choice.


Once guests are settled in and have a chance to cruise around, you will begin to see how great a location the hotel is.  Guest will find themselves in the heart of many shops, galleries and more.  BE SURE to walk down any alley you find.  These places hold all the real fun in Beijing.

Note: This is now the second hotel not providing pens or pencils branded with their name.  How is one suppose to maintain a collection if they will not cooperate.




3 responses to “Hotel Review: Nostalgia Hotel Beijing

  1. Sounds decent overall. Strange to hear that breakfast was that bad. Usually, breakfast is something that can make one have a great impression of a hotel!

    • I know…..
      There breakfast seemed very much like an after thought.
      The food was not much to write home about, but the space was cluttered and you could see how a busy morning would be a disaster.

      Thanks for commenting.

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