Bill Bonner Wednesdays: Osama Bin Laden was a good guy?

Osama bin Laden Was a “Good Guy”…


Who are the bad guys?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

For example, the CIA once backed Osama bin Laden when, as part of the mujahideen, he was helping get the Soviets out of Afghanistan…

And imagine the poor landser – a German infantryman – in 1943. From a good family in Hamburg, dragooned into Hitler’s Wehrmacht, and sent to the Eastern Front.

He was cold, miserable, hungry, and hunted by the “terrorists” in the woods. Meanwhile, millions of Soviet soldiers – including the dreaded Siberian troops – were determined to kill him.

He looked so sharp in his new uniform when they sent him off. He was told that he was defending the Fatherland from the Bolsheviks. He believed it. He had confidence in “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer.”

Who didn’t?….Continue Here

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