Hotel Review: Harbour Laguna Hotel Shenzhen China

Welcome to our inaugural Hotel Review!  Each time we make our stay at a hotel, motel or dirt floor, you can expect a detailed review.  So lets get started on our first.

Harbour Laguna Hotel

Date of Stay:  June 3rd to the 5th, 2015

The hotel itself is somewhat unique, perhaps not to Asian standards but to those new to Asian travel.  The Hotel Entrance was unassuming, almost invisible.   Climb 4-5 stairs head through the sliding doors, enter the elevator and travel to the 6th floor.  A short walk down the hall brings you to the lobby.  Such a journey would almost never take place in the west.  There is access from the floor main lobby in the structure housing the hotel, but barely a sign can be seen and what seems to be a Customer Service desk was vacant of Customer Service Personnel.  The idea of a hotel hidden away was interesting.

The lobby was bright, of a modern decor and intimate.   Fuzzy red chairs were provided to guests dealing with the front desk staff.


Apart from staying at ultra luxurious hotels in China, where no small detail is left unmanaged,  a guest will certainly notice a few things either old and weathered or in need of up keep in typical Chinese hotels.  In this particular room, mould or water damage could be seen around the interior entrance of the hotel room.  Unfortunately this took away from an otherwise appealing room.

In addition to the elevator found at the rear of the building, acting as the main entrance, guests had access to many other elevators providing means of visiting the massive restaurant on the 4th floor, or as a means to access the front of the building.  The problem lay in the fact all elevators were not created equal.  Not all ‘lifts’ provided access to all floors.  By not paying attention,  you will find denied access to a desired floor or the box your are standing in goes no where.  Heaped on top these interesting experiences was the foot traffic in this multi use building.  Wait times for a way up or down can be long and a ride could very well be snug.

One last ‘bad’ note, the poor little ironing board delivered to the room had certainly seen better days and was a little wobbly.


Room # 901 was much larger than expected.  From the point of entrance, to the bathroom and shower capable of hosting a small group, to the main living area, nothing felt cramped.  The bedding appeared to be very clean and felt fresh.  The one lounge type chair was a fun red but seemed out of place, with no real place to go.  The room provided lots of work space and various wall plugs to charge any number of electronic devices

The Bed was very large and pillows were the right amount of soft.  A rather unique surprise was the personal sauna unit found right in the room.

A nice touch was the motion activated softly lit bathroom light.  Sure saves on trying to feel around in the dark or going blind from the flash of a really bright light being turned on.

The television was of the flat screen variety.  A pleasant feature was the WiFi instructions found on the Menu when turning on the TV.

The WiFi was at a good speed.  Great for Email and browsing but did not perform well when playing video, not exactly crucial.  Hey your a visiting a great city, stop watching youtube or those stupid videos on Facebook,  get outside!

In the Vicinity

The location provided a center point for wandering.  Shopping and eating options could be found in all four directions.

Street food, South, across Shennan Ave while many eat-in style restaurants to the North of the Hotel.

Overall, a pleasant Hotel to stay while visiting Shenzhen.

Score: 3 out of 5 glasses




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