5 Rules for Success in China

China and doing business in China are buzz words nowadays.  However, simply coming here and setting up shop can be a struggle, especially if you are doing what every one else is doing.  Trying to be heard is even more difficult.

Here are 5 Rules to help make your Chinese business adventure a success.

First Rule for Success in China.

Do not stay in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou in the hopes of breaking into a new market.  Want-Want-chairman-tops-Forbes-Taiwan-rich-list-as-China-business-booms_strict_xxl

If you are a English Teacher seeking a job, your value is much lower simply due to other young teachers and non teachers all doing what you are doing.

If you are business person. well, picture you are entering a crowded room, all of whose occupants are trying to garner the attention of one or two Beautiful women.  Improve your odds, go to Rule 3 and Rule 4.

These massive cities are wonderful places to meet people and are extraordinary to visit…..do so after you have been successful in what you came here for.

Second Rule for Success in China.

Do not stay in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou in the hopes of breaking into a new market.

Third Rule for Success in China.

Head to a city or village no one has ever heard of.  Keep in mind a ‘village’ can consist of a population upwards of 500,000 or higher.  Safe to say, a reasonably good customer base. These locales are void of almost all things west, which then takes you to…..The Fourth Rule

Fourth Rule for Success in China

In many ‘small communities’ a foreigner can be a big deal.  Use your uniqueness to get in the door.   As a result of being in a small city or “village” as they describe it, my contact list is growing by the week.  My company, along with being able to develop and discover new opportunities,  can be very useful in helping others create relationships.  The rooms I stand in are not crowded with a bunch of pale faces trying to win the affection of potential business partners.

Fifth Rule for Success in China

Get WeChat.  WeChat or “wei xin” is THE social media cell phone app in China.  Everyone will want to connect with you via WeChat.  A great tool for Advertising, Marketing and keeping in touch with new contacts.  A simple thing as a photo taken by a local Chinese person will be spread around the community like wildfire.   WeChat can be used worldwide.  The app has great communication features and is a great way to stay in touch with your new Chinese Contacts.   Especially, since no one uses email.

All this boils down to One Rule, for a better chance at real success, go where others are not.

Of course, when going to a new land, please do some homework (China Law Blog) or contact us for a chat.

Here are some China headlines:

China keeps adding leverage

Trying to pump stocks

We are heading to De dollarization.  See Here and Here and Here and Here


glass of scotch

For a lighter side of life and the a chronicle of the adventures of a family of 4 living in China.  Check out The Young Travelling MacNichols.

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