Bonner Wednesdays -III

Are You a Social Security “Zombie”?


Dear Diary,

We have gotten some cold letters from hot readers. They fall into two camps: those who agree with us… and those who would rather see us imprisoned for hate crimes.

At issue is the “zombie” status of Social Security recipients.

Writes dear reader Kirk H. in response to the current Bonner & Partners campaign promoting a new book on how to maximize your Social Security checks, Get What’s Yours.

Can you stop pushing the Social Security book now?

It seems like you have been only writing about it for a couple weeks now. I am sure there is a portion of your readers, like me, who are not even close to being able to collect Social Security benefits.

I am 50 and expect the whole system to implode before I even reach 62. Also, I agree with Bill that those who take Social Security are zombies, living off other people’s taxes.

Yes, I know they all paid in, as have I, but they all know it is a Ponzi scheme.

While they were still working, I am confident that most of them wished to do away with it. Now, they likely vote for politicians who protect their sacred Social Security benefits.

That is hypocritical!

I really enjoy the information that you folks provide, but I am seriously tired of this Social Security book push.

Here is an opposite view. From reader David F.:

I will argue until the day I die that social “protection” programs like food stamps, Medicaid and welfare protections are indeed “entitlements.”

But the Social Security retirement promise is something I paid for out of every paycheck I’ve earned throughout my entire life.

It really is offensive for someone like me, and others who have never accepted “entitlement” help of any kind their entire lives, to be grouped with the many other “entitlement” spending recipients…

I rarely disagree with Mr. Bonner, but a “Zombie” I’m not, and neither are all those other baby boomers who faithfully paid Social Security every payday for decades and who believed that those in our government would honor that contract with us.

We agree with both readers, more or less. In the following few paragraphs, we will try to put the whole issue in judicial perspective…  Continue Reading Here


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