More security laws please.

True to form, our glorious leaders do not let a good crisis go to waste.

Once again, instead of focusing on the underlying reason for an incident such as the one in Paris, our World leaders see this as an opportunity to gain the upper hand.  And based on comments on news sites, the lemmings are lining up for the walk of the cliff.  The events in Paris are sad and wrong on every level.  But these deaths should not be the foundation for political strategy.

If these comments are true of the larger population, and I have a feeling they are, good luck.

Here is my solution to the problems at hand:

Dear Mr. World Leader and Paranoid Citizen,

How about we stop trying to ‘spread freedom’ around the world. Today’s ISIS, was yesterday’s west- supported Syrian Rebel, who was once a former Taliban, who was once an ally fighting against Russian Occupation. Placing further ‘security’ burdens on the rest of us makes no sense. How about we stop creating and funding conflicts around the world when it suits us…..this will sure take the wind out of the extremist….at home and away.

And to the idiotic comments about China from people like Henry Kole. I live and operate a business in China. Their “freedoms” are increasing every day while the West is losing them. Change does not occur overnight, but it happens. Look at China in 1980 and compare it to now. Making blanket comments is ignorant. It would be like me commenting on your life, while only watching you through a window, but never speaking to you or stepping into your home, all the while only getting my information from someone who does not like you.

And and….to those even dumber comments about immigration reform. Throughout history, societies thrived when there was a free movement of people, ideas and capital.. Civilizations need a constant infusion of new blood or they die. Once a they become complacent and those who are established decide to ‘protect’ what they have from outsiders, cost rise, progress slows and the standard of living declines (Does this sound familiar, because it is happening right in front of you). It is amusing to me that we are a country founded by immigrants, but now they are a bad thing.

Are asses are getting wider, our debt is growing because of rising costs, but yes, lets focus on the .0000009% by taking away everyone’s rights.

It good to see everyone here is taking on the paranoid characteristic of our neighbors to the south…congrats.


a Glass of Scotch


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