Detour: Ecuador – Quito Part ll

Midnight.  Tired, weary but excited, the march began with luggage from the street.   The building housing the condo, reserved through, is kept safe and sound by a 24hr guard.  The elevator required a security key and the doors to our room was solid metal.  Once opened, the door provided a slow reveal to the first few days in Ecuador.

The room was spotless, huge and even greeted its new guest with a welcome note, letting the guest know who to call if there was anything required.  Night Night.

In fitting fashion a construction crew provided the morning wake up call.  Quito and the rest of Ecuador are experiencing an economic boom fuelled by the current presidents capital spending plan to revitalize (buy votes) the country.  But more about that in another post.

Approximately, 10:00am, in July and the sun is shining bright, the only shocker is the cool breeze adding an unexpected chill on what should be, for north american standards, a very hot day.  Quito’s elevation makes sure no one is overly hot this time of year.

Time to go wandering.

Basically, a process of laps take place.  Each lap gets bigger and bigger, building an ever growing buffer between Quito’s new guests and their condo rental.  Walking around for a few hours can produce an ever mounting number of instant and interesting observations.

1)  You can get a shoe shine everywhere, a man and his stand, seem to be every 20 feet…..for 2-3 dollars!

2)  Everyone, no matter his/her place in life, makes an effort in their appearance.

DSCN99133)  [Precious] Cappuccinos average $2.00(US)

4)  Need a Job, become a Security Guard.  Virtually, every larger business has one or two guards standing watch.

5)  Manicures and hairstyling is cheap!!!  “Mani – Pedi” for $9.99 anyone.

6)  Virtually no one is walking around, head down, texting.  Since pedestrians are on the low end of the traffic food chain, eyes up everyone.


Stay tuned for the next instalment of our Detour: Ecuador.  Each entry reviews our experience as we explore Ecuador as the [possible] destination for our new home.

NOTE: Going forward the Glass of Scotch Blog will provide opinion and information on topics such as Economics and Business, while our new site, The Young Travelling MacNichols will provide more detail on experiences while travelling abroad as a family.  We hope to provide something interesting to a wider range of reader.

Be sure to stay in touch.  Our e-paper Frozen Money: A Guide to Money in the Arctic, on the opportunities in the Frozen North of Canada will be out soon.  Be sure to follow this blog to get the heads up on its release of Frozen Money: A Guide to Money in the Arctic.




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