Frozen Money: Teachers Earn six figures!!

The Arctic, along with being a great adventure, has money literally lying around just waiting to be picked up.  The opportunities for employment, income and business, are plentiful.

Here is one basic example.

Teaching your way to being Debt free.

For those of you successful in completing your teaching degree, “astonished” at the (little) number of opportunities available to you, there is an answer.   Get your behind to the north.

teaching..As it stand now, the vast majority of new teachers can forget earning an income solely as teacher in the ‘South of Canada”, there is a long line a head of you.  A few contributing factors make  prospects dim.  Teachers, close to retirement, lost a great deal during the market meltdown of 2008 and will be further damaged during the next market crash.  Meaning they are in no rush to retire and will most likely stay on as Substitutes.  Second, the supply of teachers in Canada is immensely crowded, and, last but not lease, unsound policies such as Tenure and Seniority will keep you at the back of the line for the foreseeable future.  Have fun fighting for scraps being a substitute.

Now, back to North.  In speaking to teachers currently in the north, you can often find yourself with numerous offers.   Offers include Moving allowance, Benefits and much more.  As a result of the demand, salaries begin in the low 6 digits!!

The teaching opportunities in the North do not end at ‘Qualified’ persons.  Amazingly, there is another position harder to fill and as a result, anyone can submit their name.  So long as you possess a clean criminal background check, you can be a Substitute Teacher in the North.  And why would you want to do that?  In most, if not all northern communities, you will find yourself working on a regular basis, at a rate of approximately $300 or more per day.

Yes, teaching in the north will require an adjustment [More information on the North], however even a small stint in the north can ensure you will be able pay off the ever-increasing debt involved in earning a post secondary education.  Removing the debt load from your shoulders can provide freedom and alters how you can take on the rest of your life.

Over the course of the next few months, I will be touching on the various income generating opportunities available in the north as a preview into our first e-publication: Frozen Money: A Guide to Money in the Arctic.  Our Frozen Money guide will delve deeper into some of the most lucrative and even down right easy ways to increase your income while in the North.  Be sure to Contact US or Follow this Blog for our early bird offer and pay only $9.99 rather then the full price of $14.99.

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