A new Japanese friend who walked to Tuk!

Late Tuesday evening, Steve, a teacher in Tuktoyaktuk found me at the store to recount a story of Yuki.  Yuki is a young man from Japan who had just completed a 10 day walk from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk.  Yes you are reading that correctly.   He spent the last 10 days walking the ice road!!!!


On top of the World’s Second Largest Pingo

Steve wanted to know if I was willing to bring him out to the Pingos?  Always wanting to meet new people, I could not resist.  “Tell him I will pick him up at 11am”.   Besides, how could we allow someone who walked all this way, miss a chance of visiting the Pingos.

Turns out Yuki is an adventurer.  He works 10 months out of the year in order to travel on an adventure once a year, visiting such places as Australia, Alaska and of course Canada.

Yuki’s trip to Tuktoyaktuk was one of many first.   His first visit to Canada and the first time on a snowmobile.

Our trip took all of 20mins where we arrived to the first of the large Pingos.  In no time at all we were on top.  A quick trip down and we headed to the bigger of the Pingos.  Making our way over, I gave Yuki a few bits of information on what I know of these Pingos, even going as far explaining the bigger one is much steeper then the one we just left.    Not being rude in any way, in his impressive english, explained to me he had been up Mount Fuji 4 times.  Basically, this little bump on the ground was not going to be an issue.

DSCN8669Following our trip to the Pingos I informed Yuki my intention to go out on the land in an attempt to locate some wildlife.  All this time in Tuk and not one photo of a wild animal.

He seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea and off we went.  This part of his Tuk Adventure was not very fulfilling.  Even though Yuki was able to get a real sense of the terrain in The North, the overcast skies and lack of anything living (aside from us) did not make for the best experience.

Overall Yuki seemed to enjoy himself.  Would you believe my new Japanese friend is going to walk back to Inuvik?  At least he will save on airfare.

a glass of scotch


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