Tuk meets Dangerous Waters….the TV Show

In life, one often enters a situation as spectator or participant.  Today proved to be against the rule.  Since the move from New Brunswick, the time in Tuktoyaktuk has been eventful.  And as was the case on August 8, 2013, unexpected.

Late on this particular afternoon word had spread throughout Tuk; a group of men on ‘jet skis’ were buying A LOT of fuel at the local Northern Store.  Seeing yet another opportunity to mount an experience on the wall, with camera in hand, “to the pier!”.

Not only were these guys in wetsuits refueling, they had a camera man filming..  Dave Bowsky, the cameraman in question explained he was shooting footage for an DSCN4404adventure show titled Dangerous Waters.  The brain child of Steve Moll, Dangerous Waters, now in Season 3, follows a crew as they attempt to travel around the entire globe by (kawasaki) Jet Ski.

Upon relaying the information to my wife, she indicated interest in a photo with her and some of the crew.  My wife’s request changed the course of the day.  Claiming the photo was to provide her facebook page something “unique”, we spoke to these tanned-face, scruffy, athletic fellows resulting in her posing between Dave and Steve, the husband (me) holding the camera.  One can only hope she will reciprocate in the event a vessel carrying bikini-clad model/actresses land in Tuktoyaktuk to restock their sunscreen supplies.

Small talk followed the photo op and Dave asked why we were in Tuk.  Our answer, prompted the camera to start rolling on us.  From this point we became tour guide of our new home. While continuing our conversations, made our way to the local cemetery, something Steve likes to do at each locale.

During this short walk, little did we know,  a potential star was perhaps born.  In continuing conversations with Dave as the camera rolled, no one noticed our youngest daughter was in the midst of a wide ranging conversation with Steve (the creator).  DSCN4422‘Stop, stop, stop” shouts Steve, ‘We gotta film this one”; referring to Claire.  For the next 10-15 minutes the spot light turned to her and Steve began their interview.  In a manner only possible by our ‘little Claire’, she proceeded to ask and answer questions on a myriad of topics, in an order which only complete sense to her.  There would be follow up questions to previous topics, new questions, and in no particular order….Steve had to be on his toes, as this ball of curly haired personality became more comfortable with the camera.  Not be left out, Claire’s older sister Lily made an appearance in her subdued cerebral manner.  These two blonde haired girls, who relish being closer to Santa, since living in Tuk, surely provided a change of pace for these travelers only beginning their Season 3 journey.

Since beginning in Inuvik, where last season left off, the crew of Dangerous Waters was embarking on a trip through the Northwest Passage and on to their final destination, DSCN4431England.  Tuktoyaktuk was a unique stop in a manner many would not think of.  Unable to no longer rely on adequate locations to refuel. For the first time since their journey 2 seasons ago, Dangerous Waters would have to be followed by a non-jet ski, doing nothing but carrying fuel.  During the time Claire and Lily were becoming “TV Stars” the remaining crew busily filled 10-12 50 gallon drums with fuel, ultimately totaling over 6000$.

Loading the small boat, not an easy task in it self, soon became secondary given the weight of the drums and their effect on the boat.  Positioning the barrels as to prevent the stern from dipping below the water was slightly more pressing of an issue.  Even as some of the barrels were shifted to the


front, each time the throttle was engaged, the stern dipped awfully close to the water line.

With some test runs complete and lots more footage recorded, the crew of Dangerous Waters was set to depart sunny Tuktoyaktuk.  Upon creating a major buzz around town and introducing many to a real life Jet Ski for the first time, the fleet of 4 jet ski’s and their refueling vessel made off, out of the cove and around the next bend.

Bon voyage.

Be sure to follow the crew: facebook or  twiiter

-a glass of scotch


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