Fun Friday: Losing time in Tuk without drugs

Each Friday an interesting fact or fun tidbit will be posted regarding Tuktoyaktuk or Living in The North.  If you have a Fun Fact of where you live, by all means share.  Simply use the Title: Fun Friday: (subject here) and use the tag funfriday & glassofscotch

Losing time in Tuk without drugs:

While in Tuk we were cautioned by the locals to find a clock which is powered by batteries and be sure that our Alarm Clock Radio is backed up with batteries.

Why, do you ask?


Any device with a clock powered by a plug in the wall will gradually lose time.  10minutes or 2 hours, the change can be gradual or in only a matter of short time.  Quite often residents will find themselves getting up, heading to work and arrive up to 2 hours late.  Now I know your saying, how could that happen, I know if I have slept in.  Factor in a situation of 24hr daylight or night and your body would have a rough time realizing what time it really was.

The cause of this phenomenon is apparently due to the proximity of the magnetic fields in the North and Tuktoyaktuk.  Other communities such as Inuvik to the south do not experience this.

Happy Friday.


2 responses to “Fun Friday: Losing time in Tuk without drugs

  1. Clint I think the electric clock not keeping time is related to the towns generators not being set on the proper cycles which causes them to either gain or lose time. That’s my take..DS

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