Beaches above the Arctic Circle?

As the words work their way onto this electronic page, the temperature is already starting to turn from just a few days ago.  The feeling of autumn being around the corner cannot be avoided.  Why just last week Tuk had consistently been hitting temperature marks of 28-30 degrees (Celsius) now the trusty weather widget on my macbook shows nothing but single digit temperatures for the next little while.

Even though our summer was short, mostly due to our late summer arrival, one activity I did not expect was how often trips to the various beaches in the area occurred……yes, I said beaches, above the Arctic Circle.

Given our current travel limitations (got no boat, yet!) there are two beaches within walking distance and my wife made it to an additional beach when she made some new friends, who happen to have a boat.

Should you visit our current neck of the woods, you will find brown sandy beaches “tuk’d” away through out the area.  Some are secluded, while others are next to the middle of town.

No matter the beach of your choosing, all are perfectly suited for any number of activities for the entire family.

Enough pieces of timber exists, to supply your internal cave man who must “make fire” or Martha Stewart, who will want to decorate at home.  Abstract pieces of timber, so large, fireside furniture possibilities only end with your ability to move them or they simply become the biggest set of stage pieces on earth any child could want, whereby moment to moment being transformed into a pirate ship, motorboat, playground or high point to battle monsters who approach.

interestingly enough, all this is due to the absolutely abundant amount of drift wood present in the land of No Trees (Tree line).  Fortunately for us, our supply of very dry greyish wood is as a result of Tuk being the final destination for these fallen old men of the woods who have made their final voyage along the Mackenzie River or around Alaska.  The Beaufort Sea and the many land masses making up the Tuktoyaktuk Shore receive these broken pieces, allowing them to rest on any number of sandy beaches.

A trip to Tuktoyaktuk wold not be complete is you could not dip your body in the surprisingly warm Arctic Ocean and soak in a summer with an endless sunrise.  A day at the beach in Tuk will be yours as long as you like, for you quickly lose track of time as the 24hr sunlight tests your stamina and DSCN4598internal clock. Besides, you are too focused on the colourful tumbled-smooth stones lining the shore and your search for just the perfect souvenir. Graciously, those precious rays of sun provided by that large fiery mass just refuses to permit your day come to an end.  So long as you come by to visit us prior to the middle of August Sol keeps our sun in perpetual wait.

A marshmallow never tasted so good.


a glass of scotch


One response to “Beaches above the Arctic Circle?

  1. Enjoyed the description of summer life in Tuk.
    With pics and words you make it a great experience for all of us. I still have my images of “Alert” from back in the 60s in the ablum.

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