Where in the ‘tuk’ am I?

Before we head any further, some background on Tuktoyaktuk.

map-worldTuktoyaktuk is located in the very north of the Northwest Territories Canada, siting on the coast of the Beaufort Sea within the Arctic Ocean.  As we told our children before arriving, “Tuktoyaktuk will be one of the first stops on Santa’s route.

As Wikipedia describes,  Tuktoyaktuk translated means, ‘it looks like a caribou’, is situated in the McKenzie Delta and is known as the land of the Pingos (There will be a post focusing on Pingos to come).

In the spring and summer, you cannot go too far in any direction without hitting a body of water.  If you are interested in traveling in the area during the summer, a boat is a must.  For that reason, all cargo and transport is carried by Barge or Plane.  Of course that all changes when ‘jack frost’ makes his presence known; with him come the famous Ice Roads.

To date, our short stay here has been accompanied by weather in the high 20’s to mid 30’s, except for the first 3 days of our arrival where unusually cold weather caught us completely off guard.  Our new local friends explained July was unseasonably cold, but August always brings hot temperatures.

The terrain, in addition to the plentiful bodies of water, is completely devoid of trees.  You see, once you travel above the Arctic Circle, you venture past the ‘tree line’.  An environment not suitable for the growth of anything other then small bushes and grass.  Interestingly, even though Tuk is treeless, a huge bounty of driftwood exists.   In later posts, I hope to show off some of our creations derived from this crop.

My post today is not meant to provide too much detail as I intend to put more focus on subjects with individual Posts, however, I will add one more piece of information regarding Tuk’s wildlife.  At first glance Tuktoyaktuk would appear to have an overabundance of “hummingbirds”.  You think to yourself, “Wow this is amazing, the pictures I will be able to take”.  Then the “hummingbirds” begin to descend upon you, biting you over and over again.  “Why, why are these birds so mean!?”.  After shelter is found and catch your breath, you then are able to scout the enemy and plan a defense.  But wait, these are not aggressive birds……they are mosquitoes and the largest I have ever seen.


a glass of scotch


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